ForeverMap for Android is finally available – twice

Our Android team has pulled it off: ForeverMap for Android ist finally available.

The App allows you to install OSM country maps for almost all European countries on your Android device. You can use these maps anywhere, also without any internet connection. POI data with local search, routing (not navigation) functionality as well as Wikipedia info for many locations are also on board.

ForeverMap for Android - 1

Two versions of ForeverMap for Android are available: one is free, one is paid. The paid version allows you to download the maps within the app from our own high-speed servers, whereas the free version uses peer-to-peer download technology for these downloads. Users do share their maps in this case (performing uploads and downloads). In essence, the download speed and convenience are the differentiators. All other functions are identical.

We hope that you’ll enjoy ForeverMap for Android and are looking forward to your feedback.

ForeverMap for Android - 2
ForeverMap for Android - 3


  1. Some questions about the Android App:

    1. To use the paid application with server-based download, is the only cost the cost of the application, or is there a subscription fee.

    2. Is Ireland available?

    3. How big are the maps? Would it be reasonable to download and store the map of Ireland (at least, the southern two-thirds) on an original Droid?


  2. @Larry:
    1. It’s the only cost. There’s no subscription fee.
    2. Yes.
    3. It’s roughly 15 MB. Which is not a lot – the coverage of the OpenStreetMap outside the big cities still leaves to be desired in Ireland.

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