No further updates for the current iPhone skobbler Navigation app

We know – it’s been ages since we released an app update for our popular skobbler Navigation! But after more than a year of improving and enhancing our current iPhone navigation, it is about time to announce that there will be no further updates.

But everything is cool, as there is actually a very good reason: We’re already working on something very new, very special and very awesome which will be more than a worthy successor to the current app! As we are in the developing stage at the moment, it will still take a little bit until the new navigation app will be introduced. But we’ll keep you posted of any news.

What we can tell you right now: The new app will fulfill most of the wishes you have sent us and even include a few additional things. It’s still going to be of almost unbeatable value; yet it won’t be completely free as the current version anymore.

And here’s the icing on the cake: For our loyal current skobbler users the basic version of the new app (which includes at least everything the current version does) will come as a free update although we’d actually rather call it an upgrade.

So if you’ve already got the current skobbler Navigation version, you’ll get the new one for free!

We hope you understand that we cannot release any incremental updates for the app until the new launch, as our entire development team is working hard on our new product already. But we promise: It’s going to be worth the wait. If you like the current skobbler nav, you will love the new one!

Thus, the headline isn’t correct. It should read: No further updates for the current iPhone skobbler Navigation app, since an all new successor is on its way. If you don’t want to miss the latest news on our new baby, don’t forget to subscribe to our Blog-RSS-Feed and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.