Our feature polls: a first recap

As you may have noticed, we recently conducted polls on our German blog and Facebook page. Why we do something like that? To a very significant degree, the evolution of our apps has always been based on customer feedback. In the end, YOU are the guys that use skobbler every day – so your opinion is the one that ultimately counts. Our mission was to find out, which features and improvements you’d like to see in the next versions of Skobbler Navigation. Fortunately, our German Skobblerites had a lot to say. In the end 909 votes were casted – 653 on the blog and 256 on Facebook. The summarized results  are below:

Top 5 on the blog:

  1. Offline Navigation – 185 votes
  2. Traffic information/reports – 117 votes
  3. Navigation for pedestrians / Navigation for the visually impaired– 65 votes
  4. Lane assistant – 52 votes
  5. Routing with stopover destinations & speed trap information – both  42 votes

Top 5 on Facebook:

  1. Traffic information/reports – 52 votes
  2. Speed trap information – 32 votes
  3. Landscape mode & Offline Navigation (Precaching of adjacent map tiles) – both 24 votes
  4. Offline Navigation (no precaching, but stored map data) – 13 votes
  5. Text to Speech (TTS) & displayed layer (POI’s, Geocaches etc.) – both 12 votes

One thing can already be seen: Traffic information and offline navigation seem to be the most demanded features you want to see in skobbler as soon as possible. Especially the latter has grabbed the pole position in the blog by far. On Facebook, however, speed trap warning and traffic reports have been most important to you.

For starters, let’s delve into ranks 5 to 3 today: TTS, displayed POI’s and routing with intermediate goals barely made our Top 5. We’ve got good and bad news: TTS ist – at least at the moment – not feasible. If it comes, then as a purchasable premium feature. Yet, advanced layer display and routing with stopover destinations are both planned – one in the near, one in the more remote future.

Rank 4 – the lane assistant. This isn’t quite feasible with the OpenStreetMap yet. That said, we hope the map’s steady progression will make it possible soon.

Landscape orientation and pedestrian navigation for the visually impaired have both ranked  3rd. The former will be realized in our new navigation app! In one of our German blog posts, you can already get a glimpse. We know that the landscape mode was a long-held wish of you and we’re really happy that we’ll eventually deliver soon.

As for pedestrian navigation for the visually impaired – well, this is a very new, very challenging topic for us. Basic functions in this direction are included in our ForeverMap which is regrettably all we can offer you at the moment. A thorough implementation will be tough, but please be sure that we will try to find a solution – especially as we have seen how much popularity this particular wish has enjoyed.

Let’s call it a wrap for now. We hope that you appreciate our openness. Next week, we’ll gibe you some more details about the feasibility of the most wanted features – our poll’s gold and silver medalists. Until then, check out our Facebook and twitter page and don’t forget to sign up to our Blog-RSS-feed to stay in the loop about anything skobbler.


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