The curtain rises: Your poll top choices and what will happen with them

After evaluating ranks 5 to 3, it is about time to take a stand on the features you wish to have most of all in the next skobbler versions.

The silver medal goes to Speed Trap warnings (Facebook: 2) and to traffic information and reports (blog: 2). We are glad to have some good news on these topics: As well as you we consider both as extremely important, so that we have scheduled them for 2011. However, there are some license issues to solve, so we cannot forecast exactly when it will be available.

The offline navigation feature – we’ve seen that one coming. It was ranked 1st in the blog by far and also on Facebook (where the first place goes to the traffic reports we evaluated some lines above), it is featured in the top 5. Well, let’s just say we’re really content about that…

Short and crisp – that was it, our evaluation. Now we guess it’s time to walk the talk. Stay curious, we’re looking forward to a period of great announcements ahead.