Today’s Weekend-Tip: How can I delete favorites?

It’s Friday – it’s weekend-tip time: Like last week we have another great answer to an often asked question today, worked up just for you!

How can I delete existing favorites in the skobbler navigation app? The method of how to delete favorites is already given by Apple and sometimes not easy to find. Therefore our support is often asked this very question. The answer is as simple as functional:

1. Go to “My locations” in your skobbler app, then to “Favorites”.

2. By sliding your finger over the screen (on the favorite you want to delete) from the right to the middle, a red “Delete”-button appears.

3. Tap the red button and the favorite, you don’t want or need anymore, is deleted.

Next week we’ll deal with a topic for our android-users and those, who want to become one of them.

With this in mind: Have a nice weekend!