How to set the stage for an optimal navigation

Today’s weekend-tip: What is the perfect environment for skobbler navigation? Although our app is neither a pet nor a pot plant, there are certain things to consider if you want to get smoothly from A to B. Some of those things seem to be quite natural; even so we want to give you a short and crisp summary of what should be noted.

First: the power supply – it sounds simple but can be a problem, as a low battery in the middle of your tour is something nobody wants to have. Therefore: On long trips you should definitely have a car-suitable recharger cable with you. Sat nav devices can’t be used without power forever either – and they don’t serve additionally as a phone, games console and mini-computer.

With a low battery, smartphones start to switch off or minimize the capacity of certain tools and the GPS-receiver is most often amongst them. So with a permanently and steadily power supply our app has a better performance and will guide you to the place you want to go more reliably.

Another potential problem: the GPS/satellite signal. Without a good signal no good navigation – that’s clear. But how can one make sure to have “a good rapport” with the satellite?

Besides a charged battery your smartphone should have an unobstructed view to the sky. That means (as long as you’re not the owner of a drop-top) the positioning at the windshield. So ideally you need a holder for your phone – only then a good GPS signal can be ensured.

While we’re talking about signals – please note: The internet/data connection is completely separated from the GPS/satellite signal. Both things have nothing to do with each other and are two quite different cups of tea.

We wish you a nice summery weekend.

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