skobbler can be also fun

Skobbler isn’t only about maps and navigation, but also about fun and games! You hadn’t the chance to get to know our game GeoBrain yet? No problem, today we’re going to introduce you.

You have no time to make a round-the-world-trip? This could be your solution. With GeoBrain you can come to know our planet better and become a real geo-pro! With one finger-slide you can travel around the globe – in three different versions and levels of difficulty. Learn something about sights and scenes of history, guess where exactly the capital of brazil is located (and maybe realize that you were 679miles off the mark) or find out, on which continent the so-called anchor point Saltaire can be seen.

If you want to learn more about certain topics (e.g. the anchor point Saltaire) there will be a direct link to Wikipedia for each question where you can look up the details.

Do you feel like touring the world now? Geo-skills can be fun! Find it out with GeoBrain – available in the UK-AppStore.