Why we shut down the Android skobbler Navigation

We have decided to shut down our free skobbler Navigation app for Android devices. Our offline map app “ForeverMap” will not be affected.

In our view, competing with the pre-installed navigation of Google Maps on Android makes no longer sense. If we wanted to remain competitive, we would have to develop a product similar to our GPS Navigation 2 on iOS, which offers either offline or hybrid navigation. This would lead to a huge development effort, also because of the rising fragmentation of Google Android devices. On this account, the development for Apple devices is a lot more efficient.

Thus, considering the high amount of work that would have to be put into development, the current limitations that we see in the Android Market (and in general for the Android app stores) lead us to stop the further development of our navigation app no this platform. Unfortunately, it is still very hard to have commercial success with a paid app on Android.

Please don’t get us wrong: Android is and will remain an important development platform for skobbler. Shutting down our navigation app does not translate into us abandoning Android by any means. Quite the opposite is true: our currently most exciting development project is one for Google Android. We will focus on further improving our map technology and on customer projects for the platform. Who knows, we might well be seen re-entering the ring with a geared-up navigation app at a later point in time, if conditions change. Naturally, we will keep a close eye on the further development of the Android market.

Please have a look at our press release for more information.



  1. I would like to get this voice guide gps to my 3GS iPhone
    I do appreciate very much if you would aloud me to download it, thank you,
    Clyde. Leslie

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