ForeverMap 2: Map Diversity on Android

It’s true: the Android mobile map market is pretty tight.

Still, this past week we announced the release of ForeverMap 2 on Android, and we must say—we’re excited. Why you ask? Well, simply because we are incredibly enthused about the prospect of bringing “map diversity” (a term coined by our very own Co-Founder, Marcus Thielking) to Android devices.

So what is “map diversity”?

Like we stated above, the Android market is chock-full of mobile map resources, such as Google Maps. Yet, while Google Play consists of many different map services, it’s difficult to differentiate one from the other as Google Maps reigns supreme. Map solutions with unique features just aren’t clearly defined.

This has led to a map monopoly of sorts for Google, which is never good for the quality of a service Competition is necessary to drive those in a space to progress, advance, and better themselves.

Prior to ForeverMap 2’s Android launch, the market lacked a map solution that offered fully functional offline capabilities (with powerful search, etc.). Even Google Maps doesn’t provide this (though, I’m sure you thought they did—that’s how confusing the Android app marketplace currently is).

This is a differentiator that can actually crack the map monopoly and bring diversity to the fore.

Now, through ForeverMap 2, Android users can get where the need to go regardless of whether they’re sitting right next to a Wi-Fi hotspot, or making their way through the Grand Canyon; which is pretty cool. In addition, ForeverMap 2 gives Android users a clear Google Maps alternative for both online use and for those long, lonely nights, when you may be offline and without an internet / data connection.

This is us trying to cut through the clutter and deliver features that make a difference on Android.

Barnes & Noble Nook owners are already experiencing this and, pretty soon, Amazon Kindle Fire users will also get to try ForeverMap 2 for themselves (it will be available in the next few weeks).

So here’s to map diversity—a cause we think is worth promoting.