GPS Navigation 2 Heads to Australia

Hmm, where to begin: the beach, the Sydney Opera House, a vegemite sandwich?

Needless to say there are a lot of things to enjoy around Australia, and finding them just got a lot easier as GPS Navigation 2, our internationally acclaimed mobile navigation app based on the crowdsourced OpenStreetMap – a free, editable and interactive map of the world built by an ever-growing number of already more than 900,000 contributors – which offers turn-by-turn navigation, is now available on iPhone (and 3G iPads) to all those in the “land down under” for just $1.99 AUD – no subscription required.

So you’re probably thinking what we’re thinking: Australians be excited, be very excited.

Why? Because you now have access to all of GPS Navigation 2’s great features which has made it #1 in 20 App Stores from around the world.

So what exactly do you have to look forward to? Well, a lot.

GPS Navigation 2 is the only mobile navigation app with “hybrid” functionality, enabling users to choose which geographic areas can be available for offline use through installable map upgrades and which should be accessed online, thus allowing users to always strike the perfect balance between the independence of internet connectivity and saving on-device memory for other apps, photos, or music (which in layman’s terms means users have access to navigation services anywhere, anytime regardless of internet connectivity and without the constraints of cellular carriers and excessive data fees).

In addition, constantly updated location data and routing logic (powered by our aforementioned and incredibly spiffy OpenStreetMap), audio output choices (such as Bluetooth), and incredible hyperlocal quality (that includes speed-cam warnings, a ‘take me home’ button and contact navigation) make GPS Navigation 2, not only one of the easiest mobile navigation apps to use on the market today, but one of the premier travel and navigation resources throughout the world.

Best of all – and most importantly – the price just can’t be beat. Literally, at just $1.99 AUD, GPS Navigation 2 is the most affordable mobile navigation app on the continent (with the Australian offline map available for $5.49 AUD, another bargain).

Pretty cool right?

So whether you’re trying to find parking for the Australia Open, or looking to tame the perils of the Australian outback, we hope that you can rest assured knowing that you have GPS Navigation 2 by your side (or in your pocket…or on your tablet).