Location Based Shout Out: The LBSs We Can’t Stop Thinking About

You get it: location and maps based services are our thing.

And while we like to give ourselves a nice big pat on the back from time to time, our infatuation with such services goes beyond just providing them—we also utilize them.

So instead of talking about ourselves (which we’re kind of going to do anyway), we figured that we would give you a look into some of the location based services that we, personally, simply can’t get enough of.


Now, we know what you’re probably saying: how can skobbler, the renegade bunch of crowdsourced map data loving geo-maniacs, love foursquare, one of the most popular location-based services out there? Well, we do, for a couple of reasons actually. First off, foursquare is crowdsourced and encourages incredible hyperlocal detail much like we do, which obviously gives it a special place in our book. Furthermore, from its points and badge awarding system (which makes you feel good on the inside) to its interconnectivity with the world around us, foursquare makes going out, discovering new places, or visiting old ones, cool. In addition, foursquare gives us geo-geeks somewhere to hangout, and give us an opportunity to be social (kind of like a support group). Also, let’s not forget that foursquare uses OpenStreetMap data (which is the real reason we love them—just kidding).


While similar to foursquare in that it is a location-based social media service, Sonar focuses on the more interpersonal aspect of being out-and-about, rather than the out-and-about itself. Sonar, a 2011 TechCrunch Disrupt runner-up, provides us with the opportunity to locate our friends (as it plugs into all major social media networks including foursquare) out on the town, while also giving us the chance to meet new people via their location and subsequent interests. While it doesn’t quiet give you the same pat on the back that foursquare does, Sonar does help you unlock you inner sleuth. It’s also great as a networking service on a professional level, particularly with conferences or business events.


While not nearly as social as foursquare and Sonar, Uber is pretty cool (especially when you have somewhere to go, and you want somebody else to drive you). Uber makes luxury transportation available to you through their spiffy mobile app, connecting you with drivers in cities from Paris to Los Angeles. Thus making Uber the best way to get someone else to “give you a ride” without begging (and they may even use OpenStreetMap data—we’re not sure, though).

So yep, we’re location-based fanboys (and girls). And while they may not be Audrey Hepburn or George Clooney, they still make us go weak at the knees.