Mapping: Beyond The Compass Rose

While we generally perceive maps as devices that outline points of interest as they pertain to our “to and from needs”, mapping is a useful resource that can be applied to the latitudes and longitudes across nearly any field, not just to our kinetic movement from fun-to-fun. :)

So with that said, here are some cool ways that mapping is being applied beyond the street.

Thought Mapping

We all want to know what each other are thinking (weird but true), but there’s a reason why we can’t: the brain is complex.Thus, in order to figure out the perplexities of the mind’s eye, as well as some of the ailments that plague it, scientists from across the globe have resorted to mapping, and are seeing amazing results in fields such as Alzheimer’s and personality disorder research (just to name a few) as a result.Pretty cool stuff.

Getting Yourself Together…With Maps

Another great thing about mapping is its usefulness as an organizing tool.From brainstorming a seating chart to detailing the care of a love one, maps are a pivotal asset that we use to stay on top things both in the short and long term. After all, it is definitely easier when you can see where you are going (and far less hazardous).

Emergency Maps

Maps play a pivotal role in detailing, preventing and minimizing devastation from emergency situations, such as Hurricane Sandy (in addition to its application in tracking weather patterns as well).Furthermore, as we detailed in a previous blog, maps are a central to providing quality and successful relief during the weeks, months and years following such devastation.That being said, feel free to use maps as a way to get from place to place, but we encourage that you use them throughout your life. :)