Ratings of the week: No improvement without good feedback and why bicycles and GPS Nav 2 like each other a lot


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What we like most about this rating (apart from it being a 5-star-one :-) ) is that it underlines one of OpenStreetMap’s biggest, but often overlooked benefits: its value beyond the street.  People everywhere love to go out and take on adventure (or just walk around), which is why OpenStreetMap prides itself on giving users that opportunity – providing every little bike and pedestrian walkway in a given area. So here’s to motorists, and non-motorists alike, may you always find a way to make the world your oyster (regardless of your route).


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We love feedback for a couple of reasons, but primarily because it affords us the opportunity to address the problems users have had with our apps.  We’ll be honest, we’re not perfect – but we would definitely like to be. :-) So with that in mind, keep bringing on the feedback, but at least give us something to work with (because we really do want to help and improve).  A rating like this neither helps us to improve the app, nor the user who had problems with it. And that’s a pity for both of us.