Ta-dah! GeoBrain becomes GeoBrain 2

Some of you might remember GeoBrain – a geo-quiz game based on the OpenStreetMap. We launched it over 2 years ago in Apple’s App Store.

It’s time for something new! Although it was more a coincidence than a plan: A small team of new skobbler developers had tinkered around with a gaming app which had only been a test project. We saw the result and thought: That’s pretty cool. We can’t keep that away from you guys. So – here it is: GeoBrain 2. Several play modes, many cool levels and a funny design wrapped up in a story about two little aliens who crashed on our nice planet and want to stay here.

So, you want to play GeoBrain 2 now? We have good news: Those of you who have downloaded GeoBrain will get GeoBrain 2 as a complimentary update. And those who don’t have GeoBrain yet – no problem! You can download it FOR FREE in the App Store. Awesome, isn’t it? We hope you have lots of fun with it.