This week’s ratings: The Oceania-Australia problem and why our app is suitable for people of all ages


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This is really great news! It’s always nice to hear that our apps are easily used and enjoyed by people of all ages because, well, that’s the way it should be (and the way we designed them to be :)).


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Unfortunately, we have some bad news to give you in regards to this rating, as you cannot use our app on WiFi only iPads (very sad, we know). Why? Because, as we are currently outlining in our FAQs section, WiFi only iPads lack the proper GPS receiver, thus making our app unable to locate your position on the road (even if you have offline maps). Fortunately, however, there is some good news as well, as there is an Australian Offline map available. Moreover, because it also contains New Zealand and other surrounding islands, it is called the “Oceania Continent” map. Sorry any confusion this super-map has caused (but at least downloaders can explore the whole region with just one spiffy map).