GPS Navigation & Maps: The Best of Both Worlds

Sometimes things just align in perfect harmony: your favorite book and a cup of coffee, family and friends on your birthday…that moment you realize a powerhouse app that is the beautiful combination of mapping and navigation is available for your Android.

Yep, it’s true (so don’t pinch yourself). :)

Say hello to GPS Navigation & Maps, or as we’ve come to know it, “the perfect marriage of mapping and navigation.”

What is GPS Navigation & Maps?

Have you ever wanted an orientation solution where the possibilities are nearly endless? Well so have we, which is why we came up with idea of combining all of the unique benefits of modern orientation into one big ball of mapping and navigation awesomeness (technical term) that simply can’t be matched.

Meaning if you need a spiffy, lag-less map with turn-by-turn navigation (online or offline) or a map to help you avoid the various perils of your commute (with the help of OpenStreetMap’s constantly evolving data), you got it. Not to mention, given that GPS Navigation & Maps is just $1.00 (USD) – with one free offline map included, and free map updates are provided for life – it has never been easier to build a fully-functional online-offline map of that country you’ve been meaning to backpack through. :)

Furthermore, if you’re a new user who has yet to tame the unknown with the power skobbler’s navigation services, you can also try out GPS Navigation & Maps’ free app with unlimited online functionality and a 14-day navigation trial.

Pretty cool, right?

Now, let’s face it, a map is not just a map anymore. It is, or at least should be, a living, breathing source of information capable of providing you with the most up-to-date data from your surroundings.  GPS Navigation & Maps truly embodies this fact to the fullest extent by providing you with everything you need, anywhere in the world – regardless of connectivity and how you are making your way through it (that means you, you rebellious walkers and bikers).

Simply put, GPS Navigation & Maps is the big kid (and philosopher) on the Android mapping playground.

So there you have it, the key to Android mapping Shangri La. And lastly and most importantly, we hope you enjoy GPS Navigation & Maps as much as we do. :)

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