Data Scientists Take On Main Street

From ads to baseball, there is no way deny that data scientists are having a profound impact on nearly every aspect, of every business, around the world. And while data scientists are shaping the way captains of industry build their business models and users experience their surroundings, scientists are moving beyond the issues of Wall Street and finding applications for their talents more and more on Main Street.


Humanitarian efforts don’t come with a tracking number. And thus, as the exchange of Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft Word docs has become dated, ActivityInfo provides organizations with a spiffy online resource where they can manage all of their undertakings and subsequent results. Founded by Unicef and BeDataDriven, ActivityInfo helps more than 75 organizations collect, monitor and synthesize data from nearly 15,000 sites worldwide.


Data can be pulled and applied to nearly everything. Yet, data can be difficult to effectively mine for when operating under the tight constrictions many nonprofits generally do. DataKind was founded with this in mind, and joins raw (or not properly mined) data with expert data scientists hungry to address social problems and tackle new data quandaries through weekend data dives in cities around the world (or crowdsourcing data, which of course, we love).

Common Crawl

Sometimes it is tough to pull data, or just find relevant data, even with proper resources. Common Crawl simplifies the process of extracting and utilizing data so that everyone can have access to data that was previously only available to companies with the technological manpower of Google. Furthermore, by opening up the web landscape, Common Crawl is able to provide a much more efficient and comprehensive inter-web experience. (Who is Google, again?)

So there you have it data the “down to earth way.” What will they think of next? :)