State of the Map US 2013

Every now and then the mapping planets align and every route just seems to come into full view. Ironically, that always seems to happen around OpenStreetMap’s State of the Map Conference. ;)

This year, State of the Map US descended on San Francisco, and to say it was a huge success, well, may be an understatement.

Nearly 400 mapping enthusiasts piled into San Francisco’s Mission Bay Conference Center to talk OpenStreetMap, build upon OpenStreetMap, and both learn and teach one another about some of their favorite components of the world’s most cooperatively created map.

Now as you know, OpenStreetMap is in no uncertain terms, awesome, with mapped data on over 78 million buildings and 21 million miles of road (which is about 93 trips to the moon, and would take you over 40 years to travel by car at 60 mph). Furthermore, what is even more impressive is that nearly 84 percent of changes in the whole OpenStreetMap database have been made by 99.9 percent of its user-base (so you may literally have to thank your neighbors).

What was discussed? It’s a secret…just kidding.

Over the two day conference OpenStreetMap friends, contributors and executives discussed a variety of topics in relation to OSM and crowdsourcing as a whole, and looked into some of the cool ways OpenStreetMap data has been put to use over the past 8 years including Fredrick Ramm’s most densely populated OSM areas, Serge Wroclawski’s 2012-2013 automated editor sweep to update every imported US road title, and OSM’s crossing of the 1 million user threshold.

Live overseas and are bummed you missed out? Luckily, State of the Map will be doing a European date as well in Birmingham, meaning all of OSM European based friends have a chance to take part. And don’t forget to stop by the US conference site (linked above) for great photos and videos (coming shortly) from all the segments at the event.

Hope to see you in England (just use OSM, you’ll find your way :))!