Say Hello to Travel’s Little Friend: ForeverMap 2 with Wikitravel

Remember when we launched ForeverMap 2 on iOS, filling iOS users map craving with the awesome benefits of the amazing OpenStreetMap and online-offline functionality? So do we.

But just because we have developed quite a spiffy mobile map app with search capabilities, constantly evolving data and pedestrian and bike routing (online and offline among other things) doesn’t mean we can just top there. ;)

Simply put, ForeverMap 2 just got better. How? Well, with a little update that now brings not only the power of “hybrid” travel information in addition to online-offline mapping through the world’s first-ever, free, worldwide travel guide, Wikitravel.

Wikitravel, built by over 100,000 tourists throughout the world, provides users with the most up-to-date travel information from their surroundings through over 90,000 English pages and thousands more in other languages. Meaning, not only can users find the nearest coffee shop anywhere in the world with help of ForeverMap 2’s awesome feature set, but find the nearest good coffee shop, as well – regardless of internet connectivity.

Let’s face it, there is nothing like spontaneity and adventure, but no one likes not being able to make the most of their time or feeling like they may have missed out on something by heading to a point of interest that wasn’t exactly as good as they expected. ForeverMap 2 on iOS makes this unfortunate occurrence a thing of the past and we are so glad (and excited) to provide iOS with such a comprehensive travel resource that is unlike any other on Apple devices – available for FREE for a limited time (pretty cool).

In the end, the world has a lot to offer, and we are so happy to provide a resource that can help users discover its wonders on purpose (or by accident). So here’s to finding what you are looking for, no matter where you are or when you are there.

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