The Importance of Design

It’s hard to deny that the world of apps is a complex and intricate ecosystem that requires not only a keen eye for detail, but borderline neurosis about nearly every aspect of your app. And while a good idea is always the center point of any app, design is an integral part that not only draws users visually to your app but can also serve as a launching pad for success.

Here are some things that we think are “musts” when it comes to design.

Make the Most of Your Canvass

When it comes to mobile, everyone wishes they had more room to work with. And while screens have gotten slightly bigger over time (and the vast 10-inch-ish fief tablets afford definitely help), making your app work in a clear, easy and fun way is arguably the most important part of designing an app that not only appeals to users, but works.

Simply put, adapt your awesome interface to the confines provided, not the other way around. Don’t get overwhelmed by trying to jam everything into a small space, instead utilize that space to create a whole new (awesome) design.

Understand Your Users

Sounds cliché, but it’s true. By going in and studying the needs and wants of consumers, and keeping these factoids in mind as you design, you can provide an app that, well, is what consumers want.

After all, you set out with an idea to address consumer needs with your idea. So why design it in a way that not only impedes on usability, but counteracts the entire reason why you came up with your app in the first place?

Logistics, Logistics, Logistics

Breaking the news to yourself that you only have limited room to work with is only part of the functionality equation, as you also have to take into account how the app will be utilized.

By considering such factors as how the device will be held, how different users go about engaging the app (e.g. handedness) and the location of the buttons themselves (for convenience sake), you can lay the ground work for both an app users will understand, and one that users will enjoy using.