What’s Next for iPhone and iPad

Doesn’t it seem like it’s been forever since Apple released a new device? In tech years, it has been.

Nonetheless, with Apple’s earnings release announcement this week, is there a better time to discuss what the next generation of Apple devices may feature?

Probably not. :)

Bigger Screens

Apple users have long grumbled for larger screens and with manufacturers such as Samsung dwarfing the iPhone with its mini version, the time has never been better to introduce larger display iPhones and iPads to users – which is exactly what they seem to be ready to do following word of larger display tests by the company this week.

So keep your eyes peeled iOS users, you may be seeing a lot more very soon. ;)

Finger Print Reader

Just when you think smartphones have gone too sci-fi already, rumors start swirl about a potential iPhone that is unlocked by finger print.

People look at their smartphones upwards of 150 times per day, and the clunky numerical code may not be getting the job done anymore (and sliding to unlock…so 2012). So why not go a little sci-fi if it means more efficiency and fewer headaches?

Plastic Build

One of the keys to Apple’s success over the years has been the company’s ability to build not only devices that work and are innovative, but also stylish and cool to look at. And while the designs of the iPhone and iPad are the epitome of sleek (due to the device’s metal and glass components), the time may have arrived for Apple to release a plastic version of the devices, in order to both mix things up, and provide a more affordable option to users.

In the end, things have changed in the mobile game. But don’t be surprised to see Apple pull out a few new tricks (and colors) out of its bag.