Wearable Tech and Mapping

From Google Glass to the Samsung Galaxy Gear, wearable tech is becoming all the rage. And while others are wondering how it will help simplify their lives through spiffy smartphone synchronization, or thinking about how they will incorporate it into daily tasks such as riding the subway (that means you Sergey Brin), we have only one thing in regards to wearable tech on our minds: the maps.


While some have called them intrusive and clunky, one thing is certainly for sure when it comes to wearable tech headsets: they have a ton of mapping potential.

Ever bumped into someone while checking your phone to see if you are coming up on your desired location? Or became disoriented by trying to avoid people and navigate at the same time? Wearable tech glasses provide you with not only hands free map access, but also inject mapping information right into your field of view. Meaning you know exactly which route to take, where it will lead you and what you will encounter along the way (night vision to avoid kicking the coffee table coming soon).


Although less intrusive, watches may have a little bit of room to grow from a wearable tech perspective, given many top smartwatch makers such as Samsung, Sony and Qualcomm have yet to enable mapping functions, as well as the fact that watches have itty-bitty screens.

However, given that they are synced via Bluetooth, and are a perfect smartphone companion, don’t be surprised if maps show up on your watch screen before too long. After all, while still requiring one to avert their gaz, an attached mapping resource such as watch does provide additional convenience to users, if nothing else.

Fitness Gadgets

Getting and staying in shape is a tough business, but finding a route or the perfect gym in which you can feel the burn shouldn’t be. Let’s face it, people want to be able to tailor their outdoor workout needs to themselves, and fitness gadgets such as pedometers and other training tech need to further embrace mapping as a means to provide a complete fitness resource.