Mapping Innovation That Goes Out of the Norm

We’ve said it many times, but we’ll say it again, we love maps. Furthermore, we love maps in all different shapes, sizes and platforms. But one of our favorite things other than just maps themselves is mapping innovation.

Now of course we love innovations that particularly pertain to maps (routing, resolution times, map detail), but we’re not going to lie, there are tons of cool map-related innovations that out of the “mapping ordinary,” if you will.

Projection Maps

Haven’t heard of projection mapping?

We only have one question: where have you been?

Projection mapping, such as The Box, not only redefines the perception of what a map is, but also presents a great look into what could potentially lay ahead for the mapping space. Sure hyperlocal detail isn’t quite available as of yet, but there are very few things cooler than a map in motion.

Lighting The Way

One of the great things that we love about the OpenStreetMap, is that it provides users with constantly evolving data about the world around them that can both save them time, put them in the proverbial “know,” and ultimately help them find safe passage to and from a desired destination.

Companies such as SoftStop have taken this principle one step further, by utilizing light to bring in unique safety elements to treacherous routes and travel during inclement weather. Powered by water and light, SoftStop projects bright, hologram-esqe, signs right into the view of travelers, creating a barricade that is basically impossible to miss.

Maps Go 3D

Remember when wanting to view something in 3D required those quirky, uncomfortable glasses that had one blue, and one red lens? Well thanks to invention of high-tech lasers among other technological innovations those days are long gone, and 3D has gone way main stream. So much so, that mapping has even hopped on the bandwagon and is churning out some pretty cool 3D renderings. Okay, it may not be the same as actually seeing the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but it’s close.