skobbler’s Favorites Aspects of the iPhone 5S and 5C

They are here at last (or for many they soon will be given the back orders), and no matter how hard you try to deny it, the new iPhones do have some pretty cool new features. Here are a couple of aspects that have stolen our mobile tech hearts already.

Fingerprint Scanner

You knew this was coming, but you can’t deny that if you have an iPhone 5S you probably have not been able to stop fidgeting with the new fingerprint scanner. But beyond just laughs and fun, the fingerprint scanner does at least offer another element of security (especially when it comes to those unwanted, unwarranted iTunes purchases), but also at least a little bit of ingenuity that Apple lovers, skeptics and general consumers have been looking for.

The Processor

Pardon us while we briefly indulge our inner geek, but the new iPhone 5S is fast. And while we expected it to be with its ultra-spiffy A7 64-bit processor, the fact still remains that it is fast, very fast (over twice as fast as the Samsung Galaxy S4 when it comes to a single-core test). Now that is going to make for some really fast mapping.

Color Options

Color choices are not just superficial, and as such, we can’t deny that we are into the new color options made available with this new iPhone round. Now sure the gold isn’t nearly as bad as we thought it would be, but iPhone 5C definitely takes the cake on this one. Let’s face it while the iPhone was sleek, it could have used a little bit more pep in its step, so kudos to Apple for going outside of the box not only by offering a budget friendly model, but by making the mobile crown jewel available in a host of color options.