Travel Gimmicks: The Original Travel Perks

We could literally go on and on about all of the upsides of traveling.

But instead we want to get right down to the often forgotten gimmicks that come with heading out and taking in a new place, or several places, for that matter.

Now we are not only talking about the mint on the pillow or turn down service (although both are much appreciated), we are talking about some of the coolest travel gimmicks from around the world that may just be worth traveling to themselves.

Royal Caribbean’s Gyroscopic Pool Table

Rough seas can wreak havoc on nearly every aspect of a cruise, but nowhere are they more prevalent than on the pool table.

But luckily this is a thing of the past, as Royal Caribbean has introduced their incredibly advanced gyroscopic pool table. The premise may be simple – the table just tilts according to the ebb and flow of the boat – however, aren’t the simple things sometimes the most enjoyable?

JetStar’s Dreamliner

Traveling by air in complete and total comfort can be pricey to say the least, but JetStar’s new Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner presents travelers with not only a budget friendly and comfortable option, but also some brand new perks to look forward to as well.

Big windows which can be tinted to your liking with the touch of a button? You got it. Heightened cabin humidity to reduce jet lag? Got it. Sure the aircraft may be slightly cramped but budget travel just became slightly more luxurious.

Hotel Kakslauttanen

Don’t you love it when your journeys let you appreciate the beauty of nature in a whole new way? So does Hotel Kakslauttanen, which offers visitors the opportunity to stay in both snow covered log cabins or heated, fogless, glass igloos (perfect for viewing the Northern Lights).

It may not be considered a “gimmick” in ordinary terms, but any hotel that provides that kind of scenery through quirky confines has to score some sort points.