Become a skobbler BETA tester for our new Android GPS Navigation & Maps update

*** UPDATE: We are searching for new beta testers again! Interested? You’ll find more information below. We are looking forward to all applications. ***


We’re currently giving our new update for GPS Navigation & Maps on Android the final touch.

After successfully finding so many great beta testers for our new iOS GPS Navigation version a couple of weeks ago, we now need YOU, our Android users! How so? We have a beta version of the new app ready approx. next week and we need people who test it and who tell us what works and what doesn’t. What’s nice and what isn’t yet.

Interested? Here is what you have to do:

Please follow this link and apply for a membership in our skobbler Android Beta Tester Google Group. Once you’ve done that we’ll be in touch with you and tell you what the next steps will be. When becoming a member please choose the option to get an email when new messages are posted in the group, so you’ll be always up to date.

Once the beta version is ready for testing, you’ll find more instructions in the Google Group and you’ll be able to download it from Google Play. It doesn’t matter which Android device you have, but it should have installed at least Android version 2.3 (or higher).

And the best thing about it: There’s something to gain, too. Each week we will give away a 250€ amazon voucher for the beta tester who has provided us the most meaningful input and feedback. We need your expertise and your input is very valuable to us.

We’re looking forward to you guys signing up to become the very first ones out there to see the new app. And please note, we need approx. 20-30 people testing the app. First come, first served. So join our group right now.


  1. We are leaving in January for a 3 month trip to SE-Asia. Hopefully you get a working android version for my samsung galaxy s3.

  2. Signed up and waiting to get testing, i love this app and use it everyday religiously.

    It works perfect all over EU and now in UAE and its helping me a lot.


  3. I just tried the latest version of the betta Android and something is relay disturbing me. In about 30km of principal road, I’ve fount at least 15 times advices for minor or living roads. It helps nothing on routing. Is it possible to switch the navigation that way, if you have a mayor road and there is no crossing to other mayor roads, no advices will be given? It would be nice if it would be better in the final version.

  4. Hi Thomas. Please write this feedback into the skobbler forum, where our development team will read it and can work with it. Thank you

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