The iPad Air Has Arrived

The moment has finally come.

After seemingly years of anticipation, a new OS launch, and two new iPhones, Apple has finally released its new, lightweight iPad Air and iPad Mini.

And while it may be a slightly trimmer version of the classic tablet, iPad Air (and Mini) can still pack a punch, that both consumers and ourselves are looking forward to.

Construction and Weight

A lot has been made about the iPad Air’s 20 percent size reduction. And yet, while not necessarily being a heavyweight, any time a product can be trimmed down definitely makes it easier for consumers from a usage vantage point. Now granted, it can fit behind a pencil, however, with its solid, Apple renowned build, users can look forward to a much more functional device, that doesn’t sacrifice sturdiness.

The iPad Mini’s New Punchy Picture

Think the iPad Mini’s display was dull?

Well not anymore, as Apple has spruced up the Mini with a brand new 2048 x 1536 display (that provides 163 more pixels per inch than its predecessor).

How good is it? Good. So good in fact that Apple believes Retina is so advanced that users can’t see individual pixels on the device.

Price, Price and More Price

While Apple has included a few new features into the Air, its new $499 price tag may be the thing that surprised most consumers and Apple enthusiasts. However, given the tablet space is becoming more and more dense each day with budget-friendly options such as the Nexus and Surface, a more competitive price isn’t as surprising as it probably would have been just a few years ago. In the end, although the Air is still near the $500 price point, consumers will still look to get their hands on it as soon as the November 1st deadline drops.

skobbler and iPads

Now to the best part: our products when it comes to iPads.

Everyday people turn to our apps, like ForeverMap 2 and GPS Navigation 2, in order to head out and find new places of all different shapes and sizes. And while users check out our mapping wits via all sorts of devices, many choose to do so on their iPad.

Much like with all of our apps, 3G version iPad Air users can look forward to using both our stellar online and offline maps, anytime, anywhere (unfortunately, our apps only work with 3G version iPads, as WiFi iPads lack GPS receiver integration).  So get ready to take on the world in style.