It’s Here: GPS Navigation Now Available with a Completely New Design

Yes, we’re aware that an update of our iOS navigation app has been long overdue. But as you know, we really want to make sure that we provide you with an awesome and comprehensive update in the end, so these things take a little time. And with that in mind, we are pleased to introduce GPS Navigation, at last (which we hope will compensate for the latency at least a little bit).

From now on the new GPS Navigation 5.0 is available in the App Store – for all existing GPS Navigation users as a free update.

So what’s new? Well, from a visual perspective it’s basically a brand new app. And from a functionality standpoint, GPS Navigation also boasts a brand new map engine, NGx. What is it? In short, NGx allows you to zoom in and out and turn the map without any juddering or reloading (we absolutely recommend you try it out and let us know what you think).

Apart from the new design and engine, and the latest OSM map data and iOS 7 adaptations, there are some other great features we don’t want to keep from you:

  • Different map styles (Day, Night, Outdoor – suitable map look in any situation)
  • Street names as pop-ups during navigation (which looks way nicer and clearer)
  • Alternative routes (You choose the route you want to take before starting the navigation)
  • Avoid high ways and ferries (YES, finally)
  • Integrated Wikitravel guide (So when you’re abroad you not only have an offline map in your pocket but also an intuitive travel guide to find out interesting stuff about your destination while sightseeing)
  • TripAdvisor Local Search (Which Italian restaurant has the best ratings in your vicinity?)

In the end, we hope that we have fulfilled many of your wishes, as our goal was to provide you with a functional and good-looking package containing navigation, worldwide map material and a travel guide that can help you head-out and take on the world in (almost) anyway you deem fit.

Last but not least, here are a few pictures to underline everything that has been written:

Foto 1 Foto 2 Foto 5 Foto

We hope you like the update and are looking forward to your feedback.