skobbler’s Must Have Holiday Gifts

The holidays are finally here, and with it, the gifts.

Now sure there are a lot of great things about the holidays (family, friends, great food), but the gifts definitely give the holiday season a little bit of an added boost. And no matter if you are looking to add one final gadget to your personal wish list, or looking for that last minute item for the tech lover in your life, here are some of this year’s holiday season must-haves (or at least we think so).


Smartwatches may still be relatively new, but with the category becoming more and more popular every day, there is arguably no better way to become a smartwatch trend setter than with the Pebble. Simple and sleek, the Pebble is a great compliment to any user’s mobile life. For example, tired of walking into people while checking texts? The Pebble brings your texts right to your wrist letting you stay focused on your route as opposed to that person you just bumped into. Want to switch songs quickly? The Pebble has you covered. Sure, the Pebble is still building out its “iOS-ness,” but with its awesome customization possibilities and straight-forward functionality, this one may be a must have for any watch (or tech) lover.

Fitbit Flex

Getting out and about can take some effort sometimes, and there is no better way to stay on top of your health than with a Fitbit Flex. Health never sleeps or takes a day off, and the Fitbit Flex helps users keep track of their hard burned calories (steps and sleep cycle for that matter) in a comfortable, lightweight wristband that syncs wirelessly with your device (and is great on battery). The wristband may not be as fashion forward as the Pebble, but it certainly provides that accurate information any health nut or outdoors type craves.

Google Chromecast

Streaming is all the rage, and Chromecast lets you get in on the action in a pint-sized way by allowing you to stream some of your favorite videos right to your television screen. The service does have some limitations when compared to competitors like Apple TV, but with such smooth integration capabilities and easy set-up, Chromecast is basically a budget-friendly streaming rock star.