2014: The Year for Travel?

Another year of travel and adventure has come to an end, but luckily that means another new one has just begun. People from around the world love to get out and about and travel to new places or old ones (take the US for example, where over 94.5 million Americans were expected to travel more than 50 miles from their home in order to ring in the holiday season), so with that in mind we wanted to share some of the lesser known destinations travel lovers should keep in mind when planning their 2014 trips.

Manaus, Brazil

Amidst some of the world’s most treacherous jungle terrain, Manaus has a little bit of everything when it comes to travel (outside of cold weather). From great shops to architecture (check out the Manaus Opera House), Manaus is literally an urban oasis that has something to offer even the most docile of travelers. In addition, that fact that it will play host to a few World Cup matches this summer doesn’t hurt either.

Yosemite National Park

Looking to get in touch with nature during your 2014 travels? Then Yosemite National Park may be for you. Slightly “off the beaten path” (which is awesome if you ask us), Yosemite offers some of the best trails, wildlife and landscape all-in-one. Furthermore, Yosemite National Park will be celebrating the 150 year anniversary of the signing of the Yosemite Grant by Abraham Lincoln, which set aside the park for preservation (the first area of land to be marked as such), so history buffs may find the park to their liking as well.

Riga, Latvia

One of the lesser known European cities for travelers, Riga is a cultural hot spot situated right in the middle of the Baltic Rim. From its towering cathedrals to its historic city center (which is a World Heritage Site), Riga offers visitors old world charm without the price tag of Amsterdam or Paris (not to mention some pretty great views).