New Year, More Apps

Apps are our thing.

Yet, despite a particular fondness for those of the mapping and navigation variety, apps from around the ecosystem peak our interest in a special, geeky, way.

Here are few apps that are making headlines in the New Year that are both blazing new trails or redefining old ones, outside of the mapping and navigation sphere.

Facebook’s Paper

Always surrounded by buzz, Facebook recently released its new app Paper, and people are taking notice. Paper revamps Facebook’s traditional single News Feed, by breaking it into several sections that feature topics like Planet, Tech or just good old-fashioned Headlines that users can scroll through horizontally. Not only does Paper give Facebook a different aesthetic appeal, but also further diversifies the site as it tries to become more than just a “friends” site.


A wise person once said, “one person’s trash may be another person’s treasure.” Vinted puts that theory to the test by allowing users to turn their old, no longer in use clothing into cold hard cash. Have a sweater that you’re not a big fan of anymore? Just snap a picture, post it alongside a description and find that perfect new buyer. Mobile commerce will never be the same, and your wardrobe may not be either.


While a seasoned Android pro, SwiftKey made its long anticipated iOS debut in January, giving many beleaguered fat fingered typists (many of us included) a sense of relief. SwiftKey is pretty savvy with its typing forethought that makes taking notes or just fiddling around with the key board a cinch. Granted SwiftKey has its limitations given Apple’s third-party keyboard restrictions, but at long last typing on iOS back a little more of a breeze.