Why the latest GPS Navigation 2 update is not compatible with the iPhone 3G anymore

Since we published our 4.3 Update for GPS Navigation 2, our 3G-users – those that updated – have had some issues with the app and are wondering what the problem is. Here are the circumstances: With iOS 6 and the latest “SDK” (Software Developer Kit), Apple has removed the possibility to develop iPhone 3G-compatible apps. […]

Location Based Shout Out: The LBSs We Can’t Stop Thinking About

You get it: location and maps based services are our thing. And while we like to give ourselves a nice big pat on the back from time to time, our infatuation with such services goes beyond just providing them—we also utilize them. So instead of talking about ourselves (which we’re kind of going to do […]

ForeverMap 2: Map Diversity on Android

It’s true: the Android mobile map market is pretty tight. Still, this past week we announced the release of ForeverMap 2 on Android, and we must say—we’re excited. Why you ask? Well, simply because we are incredibly enthused about the prospect of bringing “map diversity” (a term coined by our very own Co-Founder, Marcus Thielking) […]

WhereCamp – the second round: XMas Edition in Berlin

Remember WhereCamp this past summer? Well get ready, because skobbler is pleased to announce that we will again be sponsoring (and contributing to) WhereCamp’s second edition, WhereCamp – XMas Campfire Edition Berlin. A geo-geek and map enthusiasts dream, WhereCamp is the epicenter of discussion for topics such as location based services, augmented reality, cartography and […]

OpenStreetMap: A Helping Hand Through Times of Travel and Tribulation

As we’ve discussed before, more and more people are turning to mobile navigation to fulfill their travel needs. In addition, these apps have become not only an essential ally for daily commuters and recreation enthusiasts, but also for those affected crises. A recent survey, published by Mashable, found that mobile navigation app use increased by […]

skobbler Leaves 3 Million User Milestone in Rearview Mirror

Yep, the word is out: people (over 3 million of them to be exact) love skobbler’s apps. Yet, while these numbers are rather astounding, why is it exactly that more and more people are turning to our apps to meet their mobile navigation needs? Is it skobbler’s “hybrid” functionality (a feature only available from yours […]

Location-Based Services & Being Map Dependent

A year ago, Gartner predicted that location-based services like foursquare, Yelp, and the like, will reach 1.4 billion users by 2014. While the projection may seem mind-boggling to some – it’s a huge number, of course – Gartner’s data is totally in-line with reality. Don’t believe me? Look at your phone right now. How many […]

skobbler on VentureBeat

The following was originally published on VentureBeat on 10/12/12 as a Guest Article by our Co-Founder, Marcus Thielking. To see the original article, click here. Over the summer, Google announced “the next dimension of Google Maps,” which was basically 3D integration and offline caching. (Believe it or not, Google already announced caching a year ago, albeit […]