GPS Navigation & Maps: The Best of Both Worlds

Sometimes things just align in perfect harmony: your favorite book and a cup of coffee, family and friends on your birthday…that moment you realize a powerhouse app that is the beautiful combination of mapping and navigation is available for your Android. Yep, it’s true (so don’t pinch yourself). :) Say hello to GPS Navigation & […]

Mapping Out Our Favorites From April Fools’ Day

It’s been labeled cruel, sad and unnecessary, but one thing is for sure about April Fools’ Day: it always provides us with some intriguing talking points. Now granted, a good April Fools’ joke can be spawned with any budget given the prank comes from a slightly dark (but safe), off-kilter place in one’s imagination. However, […]

There Are Startups, and Then There Are (Mapping) Startups

From gaming to weather, the difficulties of being a start-up have been well documented. Of course some make it look easy (that means you Google), but the plight of the startup is far more intricate and challenging than it may seem. With that in mind, here are few obstacles mapping startups face in today’s saturated […]