A Round of a Applause for Tech’s Unsung Heroes: Talent

There are many things that make an app (or anything for that matter), tick. And while the founders may get all the glory, and end-users may have all the fun, having quality talent from top-to-bottom (including the developers who work tirelessly in deep, dark cubicles), capable of tying everything together, is the key to success. […]

This week’s ratings: iPad and post code problems

Does this app work on an iPad? Well, yes and no because there are different kinds of iPads: WiFi-iPads without a GPS receiver, and so-called “3G-iPads” with a sim-card, mobile internet (which is where the “3G” comes from, meaning it has nothing to do with the iPad generation in terms of whether you have an […]

Ratings of the week: No improvement without good feedback and why bicycles and GPS Nav 2 like each other a lot

:-) What we like most about this rating (apart from it being a 5-star-one :-) ) is that it underlines one of OpenStreetMap’s biggest, but often overlooked benefits: its value beyond the street.  People everywhere love to go out and take on adventure (or just walk around), which is why OpenStreetMap prides itself on giving […]