Become a skobbler BETA tester for our new iOS GPS Nav 2 update

UPDATE: We have found enough testers for our GPS Navigation 2 Beta Version. Please do not sign up anymore. Many thanks for the lively interest, we appreciate your help a lot. ——————————————————— We’re currently giving our new update for GPS Nav 2 on iOS the final touch. We can already tell you this much: It’s […]

This week’s ratings: The Oceania-Australia problem and why our app is suitable for people of all ages

:-) (Click to enlarge) This is really great news! It’s always nice to hear that our apps are easily used and enjoyed by people of all ages because, well, that’s the way it should be (and the way we designed them to be :)). :-( (Click to enlarge) Unfortunately, we have some bad news to […]

Why the latest GPS Navigation 2 update is not compatible with the iPhone 3G anymore

Since we published our 4.3 Update for GPS Navigation 2, our 3G-users – those that updated – have had some issues with the app and are wondering what the problem is. Here are the circumstances: With iOS 6 and the latest “SDK” (Software Developer Kit), Apple has removed the possibility to develop iPhone 3G-compatible apps. […]

This week’s support tip: How to change the language within the app

Some of you might remember how not so long ago, you would have to completely delete and reinstall GPS Navigation 2 in order to change your language settings. If you remember this inconvenience, you most likely have also remember the frustration of having to reinstall any previously downloaded offline map data that was lost during […]

WSLI – skobbler news update (CW49-11)

What’s going on at skobbler? Regardless of whether product updates, frequently asked questions in the support or company-internal news – we want to keep you posted with all the interesting things that are going on in the skobbler universe. Therefore we will give you a little weekly update from now on to provide you an […]

Right in time for the weekend: our new FAQ section is online!

How can I use offline maps? What about the pedestrian mode? And are purchased maps also available for multiple devices? For all those questions we have a new FAQ section in our forum now. So whenever you have problems with GPS Navigation 2 or questions regarding the app, take a look at the FAQs. Perhaps […]