Why OSM has become the „preferred mapping platform”

Recently Directions Magazine caught up with Steve Coast, founder of OpenStreetMap and Head of OSM at Telenav, to discuss why OSM “became the preferred mapping platform and primary data source for a growing list of companies around the world” (for the entire article, please click here). Founded in London in 2004 by Steve Coast, OSM […]

Mapping Innovation That Goes Out of the Norm

We’ve said it many times, but we’ll say it again, we love maps. Furthermore, we love maps in all different shapes, sizes and platforms. But one of our favorite things other than just maps themselves is mapping innovation. Now of course we love innovations that particularly pertain to maps (routing, resolution times, map detail), but […]

There Are Startups, and Then There Are (Mapping) Startups

From gaming to weather, the difficulties of being a start-up have been well documented. Of course some make it look easy (that means you Google), but the plight of the startup is far more intricate and challenging than it may seem. With that in mind, here are few obstacles mapping startups face in today’s saturated […]

OpenStreetMap: A Helping Hand Through Times of Travel and Tribulation

As we’ve discussed before, more and more people are turning to mobile navigation to fulfill their travel needs. In addition, these apps have become not only an essential ally for daily commuters and recreation enthusiasts, but also for those affected crises. A recent survey, published by Mashable, found that mobile navigation app use increased by […]