Support news: Offline maps – how to select and use them

Actually, it’s quite simple. But sometimes the simplest of things can pose tough questions, which is why our support team often encounters inquiries on how to actually use the downloaded offline maps. It’s true – just by downloading and installing the offline map, you’re not automatically offline. To avoid the worst case scenario (traveling abroad […]

Say Hello to Travel’s Little Friend: ForeverMap 2 with Wikitravel

Remember when we launched ForeverMap 2 on iOS, filling iOS users map craving with the awesome benefits of the amazing OpenStreetMap and online-offline functionality? So do we. But just because we have developed quite a spiffy mobile map app with search capabilities, constantly evolving data and pedestrian and bike routing (online and offline among other […]

GPS Navigation & Maps: The Best of Both Worlds

Sometimes things just align in perfect harmony: your favorite book and a cup of coffee, family and friends on your birthday…that moment you realize a powerhouse app that is the beautiful combination of mapping and navigation is available for your Android. Yep, it’s true (so don’t pinch yourself). :) Say hello to GPS Navigation & […]

WSLI – 4.2 update is drawing closer! (21/2012)

Like any WSLI-blog post, this one has two parts. First, you get some inside info on what’s currently happening here at skobbler, then you’ll get some useful info for the use of our apps. Today we’ll tell you something about the upcoming 4.2 version and you’ll also get useful information about the differences between online- […]

The curtain rises: Your poll top choices and what will happen with them

After evaluating ranks 5 to 3, it is about time to take a stand on the features you wish to have most of all in the next skobbler versions. The silver medal goes to Speed Trap warnings (Facebook: 2) and to traffic information and reports (blog: 2). We are glad to have some good news […]