How to solve problems during or after updating GPS Nav 2 to version 4.2.1

Although we mostly receive positive feedback on our new 4.2.1 update for iOS, there are some of you having problems during the update. If this was the case, please try the following: Deinstall the app from your device (click on the app icon a little longer than usual, until it starts to wobble, then tip […]

Right in time for the weekend: our new FAQ section is online!

How can I use offline maps? What about the pedestrian mode? And are purchased maps also available for multiple devices? For all those questions we have a new FAQ section in our forum now. So whenever you have problems with GPS Navigation 2 or questions regarding the app, take a look at the FAQs. Perhaps […]

Problem with GPS Navigation 2 after iOS 5 update

You have problems with our new navigation app after your iOS 5 update? Unfortunately the iOS 5 firmware update deletes parts of our app. Consequently the app doesn’t work anymore. This is something we couldn’t foresee or test and we are very sorry for any inconvenience. Here’s how to solve the issue: Just delete the […]