Our apps are now a part of Telenav’s global Scout product line – Telenav switches to OpenStreetMap

We have exciting news to tell. But first things first. From yesterday on the latest version of our apps GPS Navigation for iOS and GPS Navigation & Maps for Android are available in iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. Those of you who already updated the app might have noticed some changes: The apps’ names have […]

The latest iOS update is here: Get the new version 5.1 of our GPS navigation

Yes, it took us some time. But our iOS Update is finally here. From now on the latest version 5.1 of our GPS Navigation is available in the App Store (search for “skobbler” on iTunes). What’s new in this version? It contains some pretty nice improvements: The user interface has been optimized and is even more […]

Good news for our android users: Update issue is fixed

Last week we released a small GPS Navigation & Maps update (including Foursquare and Tripadvisor integration, new map material and many more improvements) for our Android users. Unfortunately, some of you had had problems with the update and the app kept crashing. For all those impacted by this we have good news: the problem is […]

It’s Here: GPS Navigation Now Available with a Completely New Design

Yes, we’re aware that an update of our iOS navigation app has been long overdue. But as you know, we really want to make sure that we provide you with an awesome and comprehensive update in the end, so these things take a little time. And with that in mind, we are pleased to introduce […]

Why the latest GPS Navigation 2 update is not compatible with the iPhone 3G anymore

Since we published our 4.3 Update for GPS Navigation 2, our 3G-users – those that updated – have had some issues with the app and are wondering what the problem is. Here are the circumstances: With iOS 6 and the latest “SDK” (Software Developer Kit), Apple has removed the possibility to develop iPhone 3G-compatible apps. […]

This week’s ratings: Perfect Update summarize and our problem with the post codes

(Click to enlarge) We couldn’t agree more with this absolutely stellar rating, as it accurately summarizes how we designed 4.3 to be: issueless with iOS 6, able to seamlessly integrate with Bluetooth audio output and incredibly reliable wherever you are. That’s what we’re talking about. :-)   (Click to enlarge) Post code data is definitely […]

Ratings of the week – app update, audio output and our support team

:-) (Click to enlarge) Here is a rating we received in the UK App Store, where our update is already available. We’re very happy that we have received such positive feedback thus far and furthermore hope that all of the issues associated with iPhone 5 and iOS 6 are now things of the past. In […]

How to solve problems during or after updating GPS Nav 2 to version 4.2.1

Although we mostly receive positive feedback on our new 4.2.1 update for iOS, there are some of you having problems during the update. If this was the case, please try the following: Deinstall the app from your device (click on the app icon a little longer than usual, until it starts to wobble, then tip […]

WSLI – 4.2 update is drawing closer! (21/2012)

Like any WSLI-blog post, this one has two parts. First, you get some inside info on what’s currently happening here at skobbler, then you’ll get some useful info for the use of our apps. Today we’ll tell you something about the upcoming 4.2 version and you’ll also get useful information about the differences between online- […]

WSLI – skobbler news update (CW49-11)

What’s going on at skobbler? Regardless of whether product updates, frequently asked questions in the support or company-internal news – we want to keep you posted with all the interesting things that are going on in the skobbler universe. Therefore we will give you a little weekly update from now on to provide you an […]