1. Hi and thanks for bringing a great product to the iPhone! I wanted to ask if there could be any development of the app in regards to voice navigation in pedestrian mode? I’m a visually impaired user of the iPhone and along with other VIP’s who use the iPhone’s screenreading software (voice over), the app works really well with it and looks very promising for personal navigation with audio guidance. Only thing is at the moment is that audio navigation only works in “drive” mode. Incorporating this into the pedestrian mode would be amazing for enhancing independence of VIP’s, who are finding GPS solutions a great help with orientation and independence. If it’s possible you can look at this it would be fantastic and please get in touch via my e mail. Keep up the great work!

  2. Thank you for your feedback. We’re having a constant look at this option. I’m afraid that it is a huge technical challenge to bring meaningful voice-guidance to the pedestrian mode. We’re on it though.

  3. Hi,
    Haven’t tried the product yet, just looking around at satnav software, always interested in open source projects. Could you tell me the difference between the free version and the €1.59 version?

    The free version got two bad reviews, hopefully it’s teething and I’ll be able to write something nice! Good luck!

  4. I should have mentioned that was for the Irish apple store, and there is mention of a bug on the forums, which I think is the reason for the reviews. I’m sure a fix is on the way! ;)

  5. Just bought the paid version to encourage the future improvement.
    When will the Europe version be released?
    BTW, pls pay more attention on the stability especially on 3G and it will bring you more value.

  6. Hi,

    I downloaded the free app, but as I live in very rural North Wales, there is no postcode coverage for where I live. Also, the address search is very limited in that it asks for Street and Number. In my county 25% of the streets have no name, and many houses have housenames and no number at all.

    Could you take advantage of the newly free data available from the Ordnance Survey in order to get at least the centroid of each UK postcode polygon?

  7. @Damian:
    The differences:
    – warnings for (stationary) speedcams
    – full European maps (watch out for roaming costs though)

  8. @hyhust:
    Thanks! Your version actually includes full European map material. Please pay attention to possible roaming costs due to skobbler’s online connection. Contact your provider for more info on your data tariff.

  9. everytime I login to this website and put in a postcode and then try to save it as a location I get this message:

    Address has not been found. Please modify the search term and try again.

    very frustrating. can anyone help??

  10. Hi

    The app is great and has always got me to my destination. However when using a dock connector to 3.5mm jack to get a line out connection into my car I get no audio direction. The music player function still outputs sound but instead of music being interrupted by directions it just goes silent.

    iPhone 4 32gb. Logic 3 dock connector to 3.5mm jack

  11. Cool !
    But when could we expect it on the french Apple AppStore ?
    I believed that the user interface is already existing in french, the maps are available, then what is blocking the releasing of Skobbler on our french AppStore ?

    Thanks in advance to let me know when it will be available.

  12. Great to see OSM navigation available around the world on Android and iPhone.

    Please also release the Android version in Israel.
    There is still no Google Navigation available in Israel, so it will become very popular there.

  13. Thanks for releasing such a great app. I tried the free version, took it out for a ‘test drive’ and loved it! so i’ve just bought the paid version to help you guys along.

    I’ve downloaded an OSM editor to change a little error in one of the roads near to where i live, it’s nice to be able to put something back in to your great project!


  14. very useful app used it going from blackpool to bolton town center yesterday. as we was at the back of the town center its self we needed to get out quickly and boy did it do its job. i will be use this app again again and again. the plus side is i dont have a satnav but now i do and i havent had to pay for it great allround very happy thanks guys

  15. Hi, is it me or doesnt skobbler show any speed limits in the uk ? i have yet to travel a road where speed limit is displayed and yes i have it set to show limits always

  16. Hi, i downloaded skobbler to my iphone, and by mistake i said don’t use my location, but now I can’t seem to change it? Therefore I can’t use this app? HELP?

  17. hello just bought this app today for my iphone 3g and im loving it already :) very pleased with it so far. For £1.19 its a steal but was just wondering if you could add the transport CYCLING as im a keen cyclist but no hassle if you cant as im already happy with it :) 5*

  18. Response to Jane – there is a setting menu where you can re-enable GPS for your apps.

    go to
    settings>general>location services>
    toggle skobbler to ON

    this is where you can check all your apps to see if they use GPS.

    hope that helps

  19. Hi, Can anyone tell me if you can get Skobbler for windows mobile? How does one go about doing this??

    Thx Rich

  20. Thanks Alex, but that can’t work.

    When I access Skobbler on my iphone, settings, general, all I have available is volume, time format, distance format, day/night mode and default map mode. There is no location services available?
    Help Again pls?

  21. Superb App!
    tried Co pilot,Navigon,& Tom. All of these have fine features but all do not work as smoothly as Skobbler. I need look no further for navigation apps. You could say i have found my final destination! Thanks guys :)

  22. First – I love this app!

    How can I also download the UK version when I’m a US iTunes customer? I’d like to have both countries available… Thanks!

    2 cents on UI: If possible, make colors more translucent / like otter native iPhone apps look & feel.

    Great functionality! It’s now my fav app on my phone!

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