New version of skobbler OSM bugs: GeoRSS-Feed, statistics and layout

Not everyone has become familiar with editing OpenStreetMap data in such a way to directly correct errors or include additional information on the map. Nonetheless, everyone can help to improve the map by leaving a change request post-it note on the map where one wants an OpenStreetMap user to perform a change.

With a single click on the desired map location, anyone can leave such a message with skobbler OSM Bugs. Additional comments are also possible. An experienced OpenStreetMap user will watch the incoming messages and perform the according changes in the OpenStreetMap database.

For experienced users, the new version of skobbler OSM Bugs provides a highlight: They can subscribe to these messages by selecting a map extract, enabling the desired filters, and finally selecting the button “subscribe to GeoRSS”.

All new messages that relate to the selected map and filters will appear in the RSS-Reader. Each message contains a small map, the message with the respective data, as well as links to directly edit the location in the OpenStreetMap editors JOSM and Potlatch. All messages generated through the feedback channel of the skobbler GPS navigation will also be included in the feed.

For those who are especially interested in statistics for their selected map, they will find a comprehensive statistic that shows how many messages have been created or processed and how many requests are still open.


  1. You’re serving up the RSS feeds as text/html so browsers (well Firefox at least) will not handle them correctly. They should be application/rss+xml then browser subscription logic will kick in.

  2. @Tom: as far as we know we are already serving up the RSS feed as “application/rss+xml”. Can you please provide some more info about the case when you are getting “text/html”?

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