The new skobbler app has hit the App Store: ForeverMap – the map for all for always

Today is the day: the second OSM-based skobbler app is alive and kicking. ForeverMap Europe is finally available in the App Store. The Android version will be available in late November, if things go according to plan.

The fundamental idea behind ForeverMap in four words is “Google Maps, but offline”.

ForeverMap Europe on the iPhone/iPod (Larger? Click on it!)
ForeverMap Europe on the iPad (Larger? Click on it!)

Whether you’re in Berlin, Budapest, or Birmingham: with ForeverMap Europe, you have all of Europe in your pocket – on your iPhone-, iPod- und iPad. The OpenStreetMap map data for all of Europe is stored on your Apple device. If you need orientation, you will always have the relevant map with you. And fear of high roaming costs for data connections abroad are consequently a thing of the past.

Besides, all OSM POIs as well as Wikipedia descriptions for all sights with location data are on board. We’ll regularly refresh the map and all other data through map updates. All this makes ForeverMap a pretty handy companion on your travels.

To our knowledge, there’s no other app that provides the user with the same package for all of Europe. The gist of it: download once, find your way anywhere. And if you own an iPod or iPad without mobile data connectivity, you’ll be able to make use of maps anywhere in Europe at all times for the first time. In any case and regardless with which device, you don’t have to think about where you’ll probably be during the next days and whether you might need maps there in advance, as you do with the other Offline-Map-Apps (that we know of).

As far as additional features are concerned, ForeverMap contains among many other things a freely turnable and zoomable map, which is garnished by a compass as well as optional automatic realignment in the direction of your current view.

When you give the map a long tap, you can read info on this particular location or have a route from A to B displayed. This is especially useful for pedestrians, bikers and basically anybody who’s not driving a car. Just as is Google Maps. But also abroad. And/or also when network coverage is an issue. And/or also when you own an iPod and/or an iPad without mobile data connectivity. ForeverMap – the map for all and always. Yeah.

If you decide to get ForeverMap Europe in the App Store within the next two weeks, you will benefit from our intro price promo.


  1. Hi. I’m thinking of purchasing an Android mobile phone because of your Forever Europe app. Any news on when the app will be available for Android??

  2. Forever Map UK routing.
    Example Burnham on Crouch, Essex to Grays, Essex route has very big detour but return shows correctly shortest route.

  3. @Robin:
    Thanks for the feedback. We know that the routing algorithms need quite a bit of a workover. These oddities help us to weed out the issues. So thanks for that!

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