ForeverMap is now available for Android – twice!

ForeverMap is the most advanced  offline maps solution available. Fully interactive city and state maps of either North America or Europe, with you always, whether you’re online or offline. Now our popular ForeverMap is finally also available on the Android Market.

With its new version 2.1 there come some awesome new features. Besides improved performance and usability you can download several maps at one go and the category search has been extended. That means you can display POIs of a certain category in the circuit of your current position.

As already written in the headline there are 2 ForeverMaps, one full- (paid)- and one Lite- (free)-version. Both are offering the complete range of functions and the unlimited use of downloaded maps.

The difference: The way of downloading the maps.

While we guarantee our full-version’s customers a reliable, fast and unproblematic download of all maps, people buying the lite-version will have to use the peer-to-peer-technology for downloading their maps. What does that mean?

Users are actually exchanging the maps among themselves. While one user is downloading a map, he’s placed at the disposal for uploads. Thus, a download can be very fast, but also can last a little longer. The Choice is yours.

So all in all we have 4 ForeverMaps:

ForeverMap North America – full version

ForeverMap North America – Lite

ForeverMap Europe – full version

ForeverMap Europe – Lite

We hope you like our new ForeverMap and would appreciate to get some feedback. For all iOS-users, who want to have ‘the only map, you’ll ever need’, too: It’s of course also available in the AppStore.