Search tips & tricks for finding addresses and POIs with ForeverMap

The problem is well-known. You want to go somewhere and you know what you want to do. AND you have this awesome app, which shows you where to find everything. But how can one search as useful as possible? How can you get the best search results?

Here comes the solution, our weekend-tip. We will tell you the best tips & tricks for finding addresses and POIs with ForeverMap.

Let’s start with the basics:

The search always simultaneously looks for local results near the currently displayed map and globally for cities that match your search request.

So you have two possibilities to find a location:

  • Move the map to a position that is close to the area you want to perform a search in. Then start a search by entering a search term (e.g. pizza).
  • Build a search term containing “street/POI, city” to search wherever on the map e.g. “Peterstr., Berlin” or “pizza, Berlin”.

To perform a more complex search like “Pizza tony” in “Peterstr., Berlin” you have to combine these two steps:

  1. First search for the location and select it from the result list. The map is automatically centered to this result’s position.
  2. Now you can search for “pizza tony”.

Tip: Search only for parts of a location’s name to increase the probability of a good result. So when looking for “Tony’s Pizza Restaurant”, just enter “tony”.

What else?

  • Please try to enter your search query in the format „searchterm, city“ (e.g. Luisenstr., Berlin” or “Pizza, Berlin”.
  • You can also search for abbreviations (e.g. “Luisen, Berlin” instead of “Luisenstr., Berlin”) and you should always try to spell your search correctly. Unfortunately, zip codes and house numbers cannot be processed yet.
  • The search results can be filtered and sorted in various ways (e.g. display only streets or cities; sorting order by alphabet or disctance).
  • All search results are immediately displayed in the map. Zoom out to see all results. Erasing the search term from the search field also clears the map from the search results.
  • House numbers are unfortunately still quite rare in the OpenStreetMap, so you better search without them.
  • Zip codes cannot be processed yet. Search for the street you want to go to and then choose the one you meant.
  • Basically you can also search without commas, but using them helps our app to distinguish the street or POI from the city (e.g. “main station, Cologne” will have better results than “main station Cologne”).

If you adhere to these tips & tricks, we’re sure you’ll always find your way to the best locations for the week-end.