Our little red friend and his hidden abilities

Almost every skobbler-user has already seen him. Tiny, cute, red, just in the lower right corner of the display: Our little ladybug. But what is it doing there and what does it have to do with a navigation app?

This little cutie-pie is our bug reporter. With its help you can report any bugs in the OpenStreetMap directly to MapDust (our improvement portal for the OSM).

Here is how it works:

1. Click on the little ladybug in the lower right corner of the display.

2. Now you can see several error categories. Choose the one that applies.

3. Finally you have the possibility to specify the bug you’ve found. By going on the button “Report” you send the bug and its information directly to MapDust.

Especially the detailed description is very important for fixing a bug, as reported bugs without any explanation are hardly identifiable.

That’s it, the big mystery about the skobbler-bug. With your help the OpenStreetMap can get more detailed and more reliable. So whenever you recognize a flaw in skobbler’s routing, don’t hesitate and report it to our little friend.