Today’s Weekend-Tip: Why is it useful to register as a skobbler-user?

If you use our skobbler-navigation you are asked to do it every time you start the app: To sign in. You can skip that part and this is what most of you will do. Because why could it be useful to register yourself as a skobbler-user on our website?

A registration has certainly its advantages: As a registered skobbler-user you have the possibility to manage all your favorite addresses in the internet on our website. Once recorded you find them immediately in “my locations” in the skobbler app on your smartphone, as the data is synchronized dynamically.

Another advantage is that your favorite locations will survive when you have to delete your app and install it again. With a registration you have a back-up on our website.

So if saving your favorite locations is important for you we would recommend signing in as a “real” skobblerite.

Eventually there is one thing else to be said: A registration in our forum doesn’t replace one on our website – these are two quite different issues.