skobbler discontinues free iOS navigation App (skobbler Lite) in the UK – customers are encouraged to switch to the premium version for free

The launch of our new (and pretty nifty) iOS Navigation 2 by skobbler approaches. It will hit the market in October. As you know, we have currently two different skobbler nav apps in die AppStore,  a lite- and one premium-version.

There is one important thing to take into account for our UK users though: We will have to discontinue the free app (skobbler Lite)! Only the premium version will be continued and updated However, all users will be able to get the premium version FOR FREE, until Navigation 2 is available. The best thing: this will secure anybody who switches a free upgrade to Navigation 2 as well.

Here is how it works:

From today on, the premium skobbler will be available FOR FREE in the AppStore.

All you have to do is:

  1. Go to the Appstore
  2. Install the premium version (and benefit from stationary speed cam warnings!)
  3. Wait for your upgrade to Navigation 2 (here you can get a glimpse of how it looks like)

As soon as Navigation 2 is launched, the Lite version will be withdrawn from the AppStore. It will not work anymore! So take your chance, switch the version and ensure to be part of the next skobbler generation.

An early version of Navigation 2 - the next generation



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  1. I am UK based, have a Motorola XOOM and am looking for a GPS navigation app that will work without data roaming unlike Google maps/navigation. I am completely new to skobbler and confused by what is being offered here – does this apply to Android devices? I just followed your first link – “go to the appstore” on my Xoom browser and end up with a requirement to download I-tunes. Is this correct? Does the Navigation product work without a data link? Does it need mapsforever? Are they different apps?

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