Close call: The next navigation generation has been approved by Apple

That was close: just in time before the public availability of their iOS 5 on Wednesday, October 12, Apple has tested and approved the iOS 5-compatible successor to our navigation app. Therefore, the launch days of our ‘GPS Navigation 2? are finally certain:

It will be available on Wednesday, October 12 in the US and in the UK/ROI.

All our current users will get the usually paid-for next generation app as a complimentary upgrade. In order to be eligible for this free upgrade, new customers can download the current version in US store for free. As outlined before, all UK/ROI customers are strongly encouraged to download the currently free premium version including speed cams from the UK App Store. The former skobbler Lite version will be discontinued on October 12. Find more info on the discontinuation of skobbler Lite in our previous blog posts.