WSLI – skobbler in 2012 (CW 2 / 2012)

Like any WSLI-blog post, this one has two parts. First, you get some inside info on what’s currently happening here at skobbler, then you’ll get some useful info for the use of our apps. Today we let you know our New Year’s resolutions. You’ll also get useful information on navigating abroad with our GPS Navigation 2 app.

WSLI in CW2 2012

skobbler has finally finished its hibernation this week and started to get back to working on the next versions of our apps. On the iOS side, we’re preparing the next update of GPS Navigation 2, while the Android team has ForeverMap 2 in the works. We’ve pledged to enhance our current product line with the features that have been required the most by you guys. That’ll be quite a handful, but we’re confident to offer you some really useful improvements in all of our upcoming updates.  We’ll also try to repeat the tremendous success our app has seen over the past months in a variety of new countries. With GPS Navi 2 currently topping the navigation category in 8 countries, it seems as if we’re not too far off.

Practical tip of the week: How to make a trip abroad

As you know, one of the major new features in our GPS Nav 2 is that you have the possibility to navigate offline. For this purpose you need to download and install the countries or continents you want to navigate in.
If you are abroad and want to use the offline navigation you have to choose the map you want to search for an adress in. Just go to Navigation, then to Dest. address and click here on the little country flag in the right upper corner. In the next screen, choose the country where you wish to search for an address. Please note, however, that the maps you want to use offline need to be already downloaded and installed so that you can pick them in this section.

We wish you a nice and pleasent weekend.