skobbler’s Favorite Things About Travel in the Digital Age

While nearly every aspect of human life from security to entertainment has benefited in some way from the digital age, arguably no aspect has been as greatly influenced as the world of travel.

Now sure, there was something romantic and exciting about not knowing what your travels had in store for you prior to the genesis of the computer or the smartphone, but let’s face it there are a lot of upsides to traveling to in the digital age. Here are a few of our favorites.

Booking Made Easy

Remember back in the pre-digital days when you would book a hotel room that seemed to be in every way from the area to the price, only to find out it wasn’t upon your arrival?

The digital age, with the help of such sites as Airbnb and FlipKey, minimizes these booking perils by providing you with tons of information on why each location you are considering is the perfect location for you to stay.

Travel Confidence

Tourism can be awkward. However, with the help of modern tools such as Converse and Knapsack, travelers can not only simplify the travel process but also address issues as effectively as possible should they arise.

After all, being unsure about your surroundings, or realizing you have forgotten your toothbrush isn’t very much fun when there is so much to do and see, so thanks digital age for helping relieve some of these headaches.

The Maps

Obviously given our geo-nerdiness, we are huge fans of the mapping and directional benefits afforded travelers in the digital age. No one wants to get stuck in traffic or get lost on the way to see Big Ben. And orientation and mapping resources such as OpenStreetMap, help users not only find their way to where they want to go, but help them avoid the various obstacles they may encounter along their way.

Not to mention, with the integration of adaptive travel guides right into mapping resources (ala Wikitravel and ForeverMap 2), travel has never been easier, or more fun.